Our Mission

We will Increase Our Patrol Division | I understand the importance of proactive Law Enforcement versus reactive enforcement. On day one, this will be my mission. This increases response times and presence in our community, provides officer safety, and reduces cases being passed to the Detective Bureau due to lack of time of following up due to heavy calls for service. Police Officers want to be proactive! It is important that we create the work environment for them to thrive. The citizens of Terrebonne Parish greatly benefit.

We will  Focus on  More Visibility of Water Patrol | Instead of being reactive, we will put our Water Patrol officers out on the water to patrol and protect our citizens and industry property on our bayous. We are surrounded by water, our citizens deserve to be safe on our waterways.

We will  Bring Drug Abuse Resistance Program (DARE) Back | This program must be brought back. School Safety is an on and off campus issue, and we must educate our youth. This is an investment in and for the future leaders of our Parish that we cannot pass up.

We will Implement an Transitional Work Program | An important part of rehabilitating offenders to adjust back into society will be our Transitional Work Program.  Designed to promote stability and help offenders gain and sharpen valuable skills which leads to productivity in our local businesses, the program will also incorporate a faith-based component.  We will open the program to faith-based programs and other outside services to provide counseling services, valuable training, and enhance educational programs which will help to ensure a meaningful transition to the workforce and to society.

We will Offer Transition Resources for Short Term Offenders | Realizing that not all offenders are housed for an extended period of time, the Sheriff's Office will offer faith-based programs and other outside services to provide services provided to long-term offenders to assist in their transition to the workforce and to society.

We will  Implement an Active Reserve Deputy Program | This program will be used to enhance our Uniform Patrol shifts and enhance security during times of disaster such as hurricanes. There are good people in this parish who want to contribute to our community. This is a cost effective asset to our community, benefiting countless citizens. Currently, there is no reserve deputy program in the Sheriff’s Office.

We will Ensure School, Work Place, and Church Safety | Anyone who knows me knows the passion I have for keeping our children safe in our schools and our citizens safe in the work place. Continuing with the programs that were initiated during my time at the sheriff’s office is a top priority that we will see strengthened. It is important to continue to build upon and improve safety in these areas. I have researched this subject matter for over 8 years combined with my extensive military experience with operational security and planning with real world experiences. You can go to the Media page to reference news articles I was covered in on these topics.

We will Initiate a Citizens' Panel | As the Sheriff's Office is the People's Office, it is their voice that must be heard.  We will create a citizens' panel to keep the community informed with the state of the Sheriff's Office and listen to input from the community.  We must work with our citizens.  Since the beginning of my campaign, I have spoken about this plan to citizens and business; the feedback I have gotten is positive.  If elected, I will implement this panel.

We will Attack the Drug Problem in Our Parish | Increasing our patrols division will facilitate more proactive enforcement on the streets where our citizens see drug problems. We will aggressively investigate the sources of drugs coming into the Parish. We have to attack the problem from both ends.

We will Pursue More Grant Funding | We must use every resource available for our parish. These are tax dollars already paid by the taxpayer and it is important that we utilize as many grants that are available to help run your office.

We will Support Meals on Wheels | We will work with the Council on Aging to bring the Meals on Wheel program back at no cost to the Sheriff's Office. We believe that we can bring this program back to the parish in a more cost effective way for Terrebonne Parish.  We have to take care of our own; it's the right thing to do.

We will Focus on Team Building |It is important that we work with Federal, State and local agencies to include  Fire Departments and First Responders to foster good working relationships. It is the strength of the team that can accomplish any task with great resolve; these men and women share the same values.

We will Create a Citizens Academy | We will create a Citizens Academy that will offer the opportunity for citizens to spend a day with the Sheriff's Office to educate our citizens on the operations of the Sheriff's Office.  This will ensure transparency within the office while opening the Office to its people.; this is the people's office.  

 Our Mission

It is our mission that every citizen is treated the same, with the dignity and respect they deserve regardless of social or economic status. We will leave no one behind in Terrebonne Parish!